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We visit your club and show you
the whole variety of our tournaments.

If you are interested in our tournaments, you can either organise a club evening at your club or take part in an already organised club evening. We visit you at your club and present the variety of our tournaments in a relaxed atmosphere.

All participants receive drinks, a few snacks and a small welcome gift from us. If you register with us after one of these evenings, another surprise awaits you. We look forward to enjoy the evenings with you and show you our variety of tournaments.

Those who collaborate with us to coordinate a club evening will receive suitable recognition from us, and we anticipate receiving your inquiry and the prospect of enjoying our evening together!

Please select here if you would like to host a club night
or prefer to attend one near you.

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What advantages does the club evening offer you?

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Step 1:

As trainer/youth warden you contact us and report Sign up for a club night.

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Step 2:

We will send you invitations, which you in turn can pass on to other Trainers:inside the club/surrounding area distribute.

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Step 3:

For all coaches (one per team), who attend the club evening, As the organiser, you will receive a 15€ voucher for your Tournament registration.

Illustrated picture of 2 people with footballs and a computer showing a tournament registration

Step 4:

Who attend the club eveningget the trainers:inside for their registration five footballs from given to us (will be on presented at the tournament).

What advantages does the club evening offer you?

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