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We organise special football and handball events in Germany.

We want to give you a unique experience at our events and do whatever it takes,

that you & your team feel as comfortable as possible.

Join our tournaments for an unforgettable weekend!


There for you on days


Participants per tournament


Awards given to players


national and international teams
the biggest tournament series in Germany

What we offer


In the run-up to the tournament, as well as at the tournament itself, our team is always there for you with help and advice. When planning leisure activities or the organisation of transfers, your personal contacts will help you on the spot and you can call us anytime.

The games and experiences should be a great memory for all participants! Every player receives an award, the tournament winners will get the grand trophy.


Each team contributes to a successful tournament, not only the ones with the best results. So also the winner of our fun competitions as well as each individual winner of our side events (survival parcours, obstacle course, shot speed measurement, etc.) receive special awards with us.


We try to make the tournament special for you – on and off the pitch. We take care of your  accommodation, transfer, leisure activities so you can concentrate on enjoying the tournament.


Most coaches are volunteers and do excellent work. To acknowledge that,  each team gets a free slot for the coach so that he can take part in the trip for free.


Nothing brings you into the perfect mood like a great tournament venue. We put great value into the sporting grounds and take great care that all fields are in excellent conditions.


In addition to the soccer games, we offer a fun programme between the games. Be it an obstacle course, dribbling parcours, shot speed measurement or bubble ball soccer,  everybody will also have fun when they´re not playing.


We offer different accommodation options to suit your team´s preferences. You can choose between camping, staying in school classrooms, hostels hotels and other tournament-specific options. We´re sure you´ll find the right stay for you.


How does it feel to compete with and win against the best youth teams? We make that experience possible and  offer you unforgettable moments.


Our tournaments are designed to provide ALL teams equal playtime. Therefore we play out every place and each team stays in the tournament until late.


We have high standards for our cuisine: our food should not only stop you from being hungry, but also make our guests happy. That’s why we offer freshly prepared dishes for breakfast and dinner. On the tournament venue itself there will of course also be a great mix of various food options available all day.

Let´s get started!

On our pages you can get an overview, what you can expect if you join our tournamentns with your team.